In the beginning 

My traveling journey started back in high school when I would be selected to attend sponsored school camps. The  excitement I had just thinking about going away for a coupla days was out of this world.

Seeing how much of joy this brought in my life, my mother started making it a point to pay for me to go on church youth camps annually. The youth camps were in December and when school reopened for the new year, I’d tell my friends about the trip the WHOLE TERM! of course they got tired of my stories but I’d tell them anyway!!
Fast forward to when I was a lot older my travels included trips I took with friends which gave me great experiences like taking a Chapa in Mozambique and my first ever hiking experience at Table Mountain where we went to the highest point of  the mountain through the Maclears Beacon trail.

Chapa in Mozambique; make the back seat yout best friend, for a comfortable seat
With my friends at the Maputo beach

I also conquered my fear of being alone by taking my first solo trip to Lesotho to clear my mind. On my trip I met people and had experiences that I would never have had, should I had taken the trip with other people. I had planned to visit Katse dam which is Africa’s second largest dam. I was advised that the drive to Katse dam isn’t for the faint hearted and it requires someone with a good driving experience, which I later discovered that it just means someone with a steady foot and patience, nevertheless a colleague introduced me to the right person to drive me there. The drive I had with Mr Makhene was profound as it gave me the blessing of knowing what it feels like to have a father as I enjoyed sharing my favourite songs with him and singing along to my favourite Bob Marley songs. I also discovered a lot of things that I have in common with him…. a person that I would have never met in my ordinary life and would have never had a chance to engage with.

With Ntate Makhene
Maluti mountains
Katse dam, Africa’s second largest dam

I am not a traveling expert, but the few traveling experiences I have had in my life have opened up opportunities for me to have a deep connection with people, through hiking I discovered strengths that I didnt know I had and the confidence to try out more adventurous activities. Hiking also provides free therapy sessions and creates an opportunity for one to have deep conversations with thyself. As a novice in this journey, all I am bringing to you is my experiences and challenges with the hope of lighting that spark in you to embark your own journey