Hiking Adventures

 Happy Hiking Feet

Hiking is very challenging and you dont want aching and falling off toe nails to be part of the challenge as well.  People tend to take for granted the importnace of buying hiking shoes that fit properly, sadly I am a victim of that blunder myself! So is the author of Wild, Cheryl Strayd, so let me save you from aching toes and share with you my tips for buying hiking shoes.

When you are a novice in the game , you’d want to buy shoes that will last you for long before having to buy another pair, as you’ll also be collecting other hiking gear that you need like a proper backpack, water resistant clothing, the list goes on!

So this is how you get happy hiking feet:

  • Make sure that you fit your shoes with thick hiking socks, the store should be able to lend you socks, if the tought of wearing socks that other people have worn makes you feel itchy take your own socks along or buy new ones right there and then.
  • Buy one or two sizes bigger. The proper pair that I have bought is two sizes bigger and my feet have never been happier
  • I prefer ankle boots instead of low cut shoes as they protect your ankles better against the twist and turning on the rocks
  • Ensure that your shoes are waterproof, nothing is as upsetting as walking in damp shoes, especially when on a mutli day trip and you have to wear the shoes again the next day! Yikes!
  • You know sales persons neh?? Sometimes they won’t give you the best advise net to push sales or you might be unfortunate to find a person who is new and won’t give you good advise or they’re just not into hiking and won’t know what works or does not. So make sure that you get advise from a good sales person.
  • If you have recently bought an ill fitting pair and you realize after you’ve worn it, try returning them, the worst you’ll get is a NO

Happy shoe shopping mense!